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Trans Rescue


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Trans Rescue helpt transgender mensen te vluchten uit landen waar ze gevaar lopen.

Sociale rechtvaardigheidGender gelijkheidVluchtelingen & Minderheden

Watch Stander

Structureel werk · 5 uur/week · Start vanaf 4 mei 2022
Schietbaanweg 103, 7521 DA Enschede, Nederland
Sociale rechtvaardigheidGender gelijkheidVluchtelingen & Minderheden
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Trans Rescue
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Manage extractions in real time.

Uitgebreide omschrijving

As a watch stander you'll be responsible for "running" Trans Rescue for one morning, afternoon, or evening a week.

You'll respond to our clients and handle events during your shift.

You'll get to know our clients and see them find happier lives. You should be an emotionally secure person, since our clients are experiencing severe situations.

You will handle emergencies like a client needing to flee from a hiding place, client interaction tasks like sending money, or simple issues like press inquiries. You'll be in the very center of our world.

In between, you can help plan extractions, do research, or just hang out.

Two of our board members share an apartment. Trans Rescue operates from an office in our attic, but our living room is also a pleasant place to hang out. We'll feed you if you're here at meal time.

You'll receive extensive on the job training, and there are mentors available to help you.

If you speak Arabic it'd be absolutely lovely, as many of our clients are in the middle east, but it's not a requirement.

We suggest bringing a laptop if you have one. We have office computers, but a laptop is a convenience.

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We're next to Elat-Roma pizza.
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Over Trans Rescue

Trans Rescue helpt transgender mensen te vluchten uit landen waar ze gevaar lopen.